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The Carson Solutions flagship QLCI has helped deliver improved IAQ for thousands of classrooms throughout the US for nearly two decades.

Manufactured with American ingenuity, Carson Solutions products are designed with quality materials. With innovation, sustainability, and quality at our core, we offer the flexibility of a small company with agile manufacturing capabilities to customize all products. Partner with Carson Solutions to create your next solution!

Carson Solutions has the flexibility and design capacity to help solve even the most unique challenges.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Carson Solutions partnered with the Wunderlich-Malec Engineering firm on a collaborative design effort to engineer a custom air purification product. Carson Solutions designed and manufactured prototype units for testing against the positive-stranded RNA virus of the bacteriophage family Leviviridae. Testing is currently underway for the patent pending “DomeTM” Employee Air Shield”.

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Carson Solutions is ready to design and fabricate customized solutions to suit virtually any application and industry. We offer a variety of services to create the best solution for your application.

Design & Engineering

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision Machining

Plastic Forming


Our Work

Fan Coil Front Panel


Strict dimensional tolerances between wall cavities in a high demanding dorm room environments.


Designed a direct fix solution to give an updated look to the existing fan coil units.


  • Improved tolerance control
  • Increased metal thickness for improved structural integrity
  • Unique fastener design for limited access potential

Fan Bulkhead


An air handler was going through a performance upgrade in a confined space.


Custom-designed fan bulkhead to fit the space.


  • Ability to meet tight tolerance requirements for aging and non-traditional air handler aspect ratio
  • Can accommodate a wide array of fan/motor configurations
  • Can be sectionalized for ease of installation

Fan Coil Enclosure


The enclosures and structures of other fan coil/induction unit manufacturers do not provide the sturdy structure needed for heavy-use environments.


A complete enclosure with increased metal thickness for improved structural integrity


  • Custom finish and color options to help meet architectural requirements

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