About Us

Carson Solutions engineers and produces high-quality commercial-grade heating, cooling, and ventilating equipment helping to deliver healthier indoor spaces where we all spend lots of time. 

Our products are specifically engineered to deliver the highest indoor air quality with enhanced ventilation to exceed the industry benchmarks.

All Carson Solutions products are engineered and manufactured in the USA with American ingenuity and craftsmanship.  Through continual innovation driving our proven process, we offer the flexibility of a small company with agile manufacturing capabilities to deliver high-quality products and services specifically suited to the project owner’s unique needs.

At Carson Solutions we are committed to delivering customer-focused solutions by listening to our clients, acting on their needs, and executing with operational excellence from start to finish.  Our team works diligently to streamline our processes to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver products we can be proud of knowing they’ll be delivering as intended for decades to come.


  • 2005

    First QLCI installed

  • 2005 – 2015

    A decade of success with hundreds of schools implementing DIV technology.

    Lab testing and smoke videos produced proving DIV operation

  • 2018

    Carson Solutions acquires QLCI technology from TROX

  • 2019

    ASHRAE interpretation document identifies need for path to empirically test those ventilation systems not specifically listed in Table 6-4.

  • June 2019

    ASHRAE introduces the latest version of 62.1 with Normative Appendix procedure for testing enhanced design and control strategies not listed in T6-4.

  • December 2019

    Purdue University begins testing QLCI equipment in IAQ lab per Normative Appendix C

  • August 2020

    Purdue University shares validated testing proving stratified operation in BOTH cooling and heating modes.

    Carson Solutions announces engineered solutions integrated with various types of sanitizing methods in response to COVID-19

  • June 2021

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Carson Solutions partnered with Wunderlich-Malec Engineering on a design of a custom air purification product. Carson Solutions designed and manufactured prototype units for testing against positive-stranded RNA virus of the bacteriophage family Leviviridae. Testing is currently under way for the patent pending “DomeTM Employee Air Shield”.

    Dr. Yan Chen presented at the ASHRAE Annual Conference about his research regarding wall-mounted DIV systems reduce virus transmission in classrooms.

    An article published in the Energy & Buildings Journal explored the differences in traditional displacement ventilation (DV) versus displacement induction ventilation (DIV). The study proved DIV delivered stratified room conditions in both cooling and heating modes in regard to ASHRAE standards 62.1-2019 and 55-2017.

  • September 2021

    The QLCI is featured on Viewpoints with Dennis Quaid. The commercial went on to be featured on Fox Business, Discovery Life, and PBS.

    An energy analysis confirming consistent and significant energy and energy cost savings cost savings for the entire building by simply changing the classroom wings to DOAS-QLCI was published.

    Carson Solutions hosted the first QLCI Summit in Minneapolis!

  • January 2022

    Carson Solutions launched their chilled beam product line with CB-H24.

  • September 2022

    Continuing with the chilled beam product line, Carson Solutions introduced the CB-S24. This model features a condensate drip tray for added protection against space humidity levels.

  • February 2023

    We’ve come a long way since the beginning and it’s time to update our look! Introducing the new carsonsolutions.com!

Into the future!