Sunrise and Brookside Elementary School

About the Project

As Anoka Hennepin ISD, one of the largest in Minnesota looking for a better, quieter solution compared to unit vents in the early 2000s, their design team brought forth a concept new to the Minnesota market, displacement induction ventilation.

The first school district to apply this ventilation technology, Anoka Hennepin, was at the forefront of providing a differentiable solution of better IAQ for their students and staff. The proving of this technology was rigorous with many district members involved in solution discussions with their local engineer and manufacturer’s rep to deliver the needed classroom solution.

With the first equipment being applied in a renovation project at Tanglen ES, a circular constructed school building, no less, Anoka Hennepin has, for nearly two decades, looked to the QLCI as their go-to solution as they renovate, expand, and deliver.

In 2019, Anoka Hennepin needed to meet the continued expansion of the housing market and student base in their district. Part of that expansion called for two newly constructed, identical elementary schools, Sunrise and Brookside ES.

The design and architectural team at ATS&R knew there was only one path forward for the HVAC and complete ventilation solution; integration of the QLCI within the classroom spaces. The QLCI has delivered exactly what was needed for all their past renovation, new construction did not need to deviate from the proven solution.

Sunrise and Brookside ES have presented such positive success, these sites have hosted numerous customer site visits for reps, engineers, architects, and outside-of-market school districts to hear about the successes being recognized throughout this district. In addition, Brookside ES was the site for Carson Solutions’ educational video shoot about displacement induction ventilation that is currently available on YouTube and aired nationally on FBN, Discovery, TLC, and PBS.


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New construction for two identical elementary school buildings