Salmon River School

About the Project

Guckian Energy sought out Carson Solutions before QLCI displacement induction ventilation was cool. A Guckian salesperson reached out to Carson Solutions based upon seeing our name and technology on a peer’s line card to see how it could help differentiate a ventilation approach for their engineers and end users. Being ahead of the curve, Guckian worked with their local engineer, F/S Engineering to help present a better IAQ solution for their client with a demanding building of varied construction ranging from the 1940s to 1970s, Salmon River School district.

Carson Solutions, Guckian Energy, F/S Engineering, Architect, and Salmon River facilities members visited the recently constructed Science Building at HVCC in Troy, NY. This building applied QLCI equipment throughout the classroom spaces and overhead chilled beams in ancillary spaces and science labs. This site visit at HVCC solidified for the Salmon River team that the QLCI, with its low maintenance aspects, was the right solution for their newly renovated classrooms.

Installed over 2020 and into 2021, the QLCI provided the needed flexibility for the renovation work in the varied spaces. The result is a smooth, quiet, and efficient HVAC mechanical system the school district can depend upon. The hydronic heating and cooling provided to the QLCI come from a geothermal system aided by water-to-water heat pumps, checking the boxes for decarbonization and increased efficiency.


Fort Covington, NY

Local Rep

Guckian Energy Solutions


Major renovation work on demanding existing structures with varied construction throughout the building.